Frequently Asked Questions
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Why do we need a web site?

  • Your customers expect one! A few short years ago, a web site was a luxury, now it is a necessity that shows you're a serious professional.
  • Your competitors are online and if you are not, you are missing out on the power of the internet and losing sales to your competitors.
  • You're always open for Business! Your customers want to do business with you when it is convenient for them, having a web site will allow them to contact you when they are ready.
  • Your Customers need info! The number one reason why consumers will go online is to get more info for future purchases, you have to provide this before your competitors.
  • Your Customers expect support! Provide online help, manuals and documentation to support the products and services you provide.

Why should we use Mars Media Design?
Granted, there are a lot of web development companies out there, but we feel that our focus on customer satisfaction, our technical know-how and our eye on dynamic designs make us the right choice.

We're on the west coast, MMD is on the east coast... how will we work together?
We actually have numerous clients whom we've never met face to face. Some, on the West coast... some in England and Germany and some located only a few km from us.
Today, information and ideas are easily shared via E-mail, live-chat, net-meetings, file sharing (FTP), to name a few. Is there a perceived need to meet face to face... definitely. Is it substantiated... most likely not.

We already have a web site... can you simply update it?
Sure, if you already have a site that you are happy with, we can certainly make any modifications you wish. HTML sites are easy to edit. Flash based (animated) sites are also editable providing you have access to the source file(s).

Could we have our web site on CD/DVD?
You sure can. With a few minor modifications you can have customized discs ready to send to your clients.

Does Mars Media Design offer hosting?
Yes we do. Please visit the HOSTING section of our site for further details.

Can Mars Media Design get our web site ranked at the top of the search engines?
All the web sites we develop are optimized for search engine indexing. Completed sites include key components such as Meta-Tags and optimum text usage. Sites are submitted to search engines (such as Google) for indexing.
This will not guarantee top ranking but additional services such as "pay per click" and "sponsored" site listing are available through 3rd party companies that specialize in site placement.

What other services does Mars Media Design offer?
Our list of SERVICES, is continuously adapting to our clients needs. If you require a service that we have not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. If we can not offer a solution ourselves, we may be able to point you do another company that can.

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Any questions?
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