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Here is a small collection of some of the projects we've developed in the past. We'll gladly supply you with our contacts at these various companies, should you wish to obtain their impression of our service history.


Client: Exacom Inc.
Project: CMS Website Development

Pharma Packaging Systems

Client: Pharma Packaging Systems
Project: Website Development

Wine Bottega

Client: The Wine Bottega
Project: Website Development

Pickwicks Mercantile

Client: Pickwicks Mercantile
Project: Website Development

Duberco Inc.

Client: Duberco Inc.
Project: Website Development

Trident Alloys Inc.

Client: Trident Alloys Inc.
Project: Website Development

Gravel_Tek Inc.

Client: Gravel_Tek Inc.
Project: Website Development

Badaboom Group

Client: Badaboom Group
Project: Website Development

Aero CMI

Client: Aero CMI
Project: Website Development

Telsist Data Center

Client: Telsist Data Center
Project: CMS Website Development

Natural Caffeine

Client: Natural Caffeine
Project: Website Development

Fallas Automation

Client: Fallas Automation
Project: Print Ad Development

Rosemary's Herbals

Client: Rosemary's Herbals
Project: Website Development

BCM Group

Client: BCM Group
Project: Website Development

PallayPack Machinery

Client: PallayPack Inc.
Project: Website Development

Classic Pencil Portraiture

Client: Classic Portraiture
Project: Website Development

Index Encapsulation

Client: Index Encapsulation
Project: Website Development

Quick Easy Website

Client: 1PageNow.com
Project: Website Development

Percival Homes

Client: Percival Real-estate
Project: CMS Website Development

CCS Tablet Press

Client: CCS
Project: Website Development

Packaging Video

Client: Packaging Video
Project: Website Development


Client: GESM Technologies Inc.
Project: Website Development


Client: MaestroVision Inc.
Project: 20 Page Brochure

SMB Validation

Client: SMB Validation
Project: Website Development

Mondo Design

Client: Mondo Design
Project: Website Development

MTN Group

Client: MTN Group
Project: Website Development

Renting Tremblant

Client: Renting Tremblant
Project: Website Development

Code Design

Client: Code Design
Project: Website Development

Sprinklee Irrigation

Client: Sprinklee Irrigation
Project: Interactive Promo CD-ROM

Mars Media Design

Client: MMD (in-house)
Project: Interactive CD-ROM


Client: e-Quipment Systems
Project: Website Development

Interactive CD-ROM

Client: Carol Ann Bakery
Project: Interactive Promo CD-ROM

What our clients are saying...

Ten Ten Tapas

" We are really pleased with the work MMD has done and will continue to bring more projects their way "

- Ten Ten Tapas


" Working with Mars Media Design makes my job so much easier!
Extremely professional work, quick response time, and just a pleasure to work with.
Highly recommended in every regard! "

- IMA North America Inc.

BCM Group

" Mars Media creates excellent graphics and content for BCM Group’s website. They are very responsive, understand the importance of the website and a pleasure to work with. We have received numerous unsolicited compliments about our website and frequently recommend Mars Media "

- Bill Cairns, President, BCM Group, LLC.


" We recently participated at the Rjs Academy Wine Conference in the Okanagan B.C. Out of 600 stores across Canada, 107 were chosen to be in this Academy because they have met requirements to be considered the best in the industry. We came out on top as the stores having the best overall ambiance AND for best website. We can not thank you enough for your excellent work and help.
Thanks very kindly, and can`t wait to continue our work with you."

- Wine Bottega

" We've been subcontracting work to Mars Media Design for over a year now and we couldn't be happier with your service. Your imaginative designs and technical know-how have proven to be an asset to our business. Thank you. "

- Xtrem Marketing

" I love my new web site! It's better than I had hoped for. "

- Fairchild Photography

" Working with your company makes creating a web site that's attractive, in every sense of the word, a breeze! I'm thrilled with what you've produced, how responsive you are, and what a pleasure you are with whom to work. With great technical knowledge and surprising and delightful creativity who would want to work with anyone else? "

- Forestview Coach

""We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of the website and the service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service.""

- SMB Group